Huge Comic Book Collection

Closing Monday, December 13, 2010.  6:30 p.m. cst.  ONLINE ONLY.  Gary Spoden Private Comic Book Collection.  2000 Comic Books Sell in OVER 380 Lots.  Inspection: Wednesday, December 8 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Located in the Fahey Sales Building at 904 Hwy 15 South, Hutchinson, MN 55350

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Comic Books Price Guide.

Lot Number Lot Title
1 D.C.-Action Comics Comic Books
2 D.C.-Adventure Comics Comic Books
3 D.C.-Bob Hope(Adventure of) Comic Books
4 D.C.-Adventure of Jerry Lewis Comic Books
5 D.C.-All American Men of War Comic Book
6 D.C.-All Star Western Comic Books
7 D.C.-Anthro Comic Book
8 D.C.-Atom Comic Books
9 D.C.-Atom and Hawkman Comic Books
10 D.C.-Aquaman Comic Books
11 D.C.-Batman Comic Books
12 D.C.-Black Hawk Comic Books
13 D.C.-Bomba, The Jungle Boy Comic Books
14 D.C.-Brave And The Bold Comic Books
15 D.C.-Special Comic Books
16 D.C.-100 Page Super Spectacular Comic Books
17 D.C.-Detective Comics Comic Books
18 D.C.-Flash Comic Books
19 D.C.-Forever People Comic Books
20 D.C.-Fox And The Crow Comic Book
21 D.C.-From Beyond The Unknown Comic Books
22 D.C.-Ghosts Comic Books
23 D.C.-G.I. Combat Comic Books
24 D.C.-Green Latern Comic Books
25 D.C.-Hawk Man Comic Book
26 D.C.-Hopalong Cassidy Comic Book
27 D.C.-House Of Mystery Comic Books
28 D.C.-House Of Secrets Comic Books
29 D.C.-Inferior Five Comic Book
30 D.C.-Jimmy Wakely Comic Book
31 D.C.-Justice League Of America Comic Books
32 D.C.-Kamandi – Last Boy On Earth Comic Books
33 D.C.-Leave It To Binky Comic Book
34 D.C.-Mister Miracle Comic Books
35 D.C.-My Greatest Adventure Comic Book
36 D.C.-Mystery In Space Comic Book
37 D.C.-Our Fighting Forces Comic Books
38 D.C.-Our Army At War Comic Books
39 D.C.-Phantom Stranger Comic Books
40 D.C.-Rip Hunter – Time Master Comic Book
41 D.C.-Sandman Comic Books
42 D.C.-Sea Devils Comic Books
43 D.C.-Secret Six Comic Book
44 D.C.-Secret Origins Comic Books
45 D.C.-Shazam Comic Books
46 D.C.-Showcase Comic Books
47 D.C.-Star Spangled War Stories Comic Books
48 D.C.-Strange Adventures Comic Books
49 D.C.-Strange Sports Comic Books
50 D.C.-Super D.C. Giant Comic Books
51 D.C.-Super Boy Comic Books
52 D.C.-Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane Comic Books
53 D.C.-Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson Comic Books
54 D.C.-Superman Comic Books
55 D.C.-Swamp Thing Comic Books
56 D.C.-Swing With Scooter Comic Book
57 D.C.-Tales Of The Unexpected Comic Book
58 D.C.-Tarzan Comic Books
59 D.C.-Teen Titans Comic Books
60 D.C.-Tomahawk Comic Books
61 D.C.-Weird Mystery Tales Comic Books
62 D.C.-Weird War Tales Comic Books
63 D.C.-Weird Western Tales Comic Books
64 D.C.-Witching Hour Comic Books
65 D.C.-Wonder Woman Comic Books
66 D.C.-World’s Finest Comic Books
67 D.C.-Mixed Lot Comic Books
68 Charlton-Abbot and Costello Comic Books
69 Charlton-Army Attack Comic Book
70 Charlton-Army War Heroes Comic Books
71 Charlton-Barney Google And Snuffy Smith Comic Book
72 Charlton-Beetle Bailey Comic Books
73 Charlton-Billy The Kid Comic Books
74 Charlton-Blondie Comic Books
75 Charlton-Captain Atom Comic Book
76 Charlton-Charlton Premiere Comic Books
77 Charlton-Cheyenne Kid Comic Book
78 Charlton-D-Day Comic Book
79 Charlton-Fightin 5 Comic Book
80 Charlton-Fightin Air Force Comic Book
81 Charlton-Fightin Army Comic Books
82 Charlton-Fightin Marines Comic Books
83 Charlton-Fightin Navy Comic Books
84 Charlton-Flash Gordon Comic Books
85 Charlton-Gorgo Comic Book
86 Charlton-Ghost Manor Comic Books
87 Charlton-Ghostly Haunts Comic Books
88 Charlton-Ghostly Tales Comic Books
89 Charlton-Hercules Comic Book
90 Charlton-Jetsons Comic Books
91 Charlton-Magilla Gorilla  Comic Book
92 Charlton-Many Ghosts Of Doctor Graves Comic Books
93 Charlton-Marines Attack Comic Book
94 Charlton-Marine War Heroes Comic Book
95 Charlton-Montana Kid Comic Book
96 Charlton-Outer Space Comic Book
97 Charlton-Outlaws Of The West Comic Book
98 Charlton-Partridge Family Comic Books
99 Charlton-Peacemaker Comic Book
100 Charlton- Phantom Comic Books
101 Charlton-Ponytail Comic Book
102 Charlton-Primus Comic Book
103 Charlton-Rocky Lane Comic Book
104 Charlton-Sheriff Of Tombstone Comic Book
105 Charlton-Six-Gun Heroes Comic Book
106 Charlton-Space War Comic Books
107 Charlton-Strange Suspense Stories Comic Book
108 Charlton-Texas Rangers In Action Comic Books
109 Charlton-Underdog Comic Books
110 Charlton-U.S. Air Force Comic Book
111 Charlton-War And Attack Comic Book
112 Charlton-War Heroes Comic Book
113 Charlton-Wyatt Earp Comic Books
114 Charlton-Charlton Mixed Lot Comic Books
115 Harvey-Blondie Comic Book
116 Harvey-Baby Huey Lot Comic Books
117 Harvey-Casper Lot Comic Books
118 Harvey-Hot Stuff Lot Comic Books
119 Harvey-Humphrey Comic Book
120 Harvey-Unearthly Spectaculars Comic Book
121 Harvey-Joe Palooka Advetures Comic Book
122 Harvey-Little Dot Lot Comic Books
123 Harvey-Little Lotta Comic Book
124 Harvey-Little Max Comic Book
125 Harvey-Man In Black Comic Book
126 Harvey-Mutt and Jeff Lot Comic Books
127 Harvey-Playful Little Audrey Comic Books
128 Harvey-Richie Rich Lot Comic Books
129 Harvey-Sad Sack Lot Comic Books
130 Harvey-Spooky Lot Comic Books
131 Harvey-Wendy, The Good Little Witch Comic Book
132 Dell-Adventures of Mighty Mouse Comic Book
133 Dell-Air War Stories Comic Book
134 Dell-Beverly Hillbillies Comic Book
135 Dell-Bat Masterson Comic Book
136 Dell-Beetle Bailey Comic Book
137 Dell-Ben Casey Comic Book
138 Dell-Bewitched Comic Book
139 Dell-Big Land Comic Book
140 Dell-Bonanza Comic Books
141 Dell-Brave Eagle Comic Book
142 Dell-Brave One Comic Book
143 Dell-Bugs Bunny Comic Book
144 Dell-Cheyenne Comic Books
145 Dell-Combat Comic Book
146 Dell-Colt .45 Comic Books
147 Dell-Daktari Comic Book
148 Dell-Dog of Flanders Comic Book
149 Dell-Dwight D. Eisenhower Comic Book
150 Dell-Dr. Kildare Comic Book
151 Dell-Ellery Queen Comic Book
152 Dell-Elmer Fudd Comic Books
153 Dell-Ensign O’Toole Comic Book
154 Dell-Flying A’s Range Rider Comic Book
155 Dell-4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Comic Books
156 Dell-Frogmen Comic Books
157 Dell-Fury Comic Books
158 Dell-Garrison’s Gorillas Comic Book
159 Dell-Gene Autry And Champion Comic Book
160 Dell-Gene Autry And Champion Comic Book
161 Dell-Ghost Stories Comic Books
162 Dell-Gray Ghost Comic Book
163 Dell-Gunsmoke Comic Books
164 Dell-Hennesey Comic Book
165 Dell-Howdy Doody Comic Books
166 Dell-I Love Lucy Comic Books
167 Dell-Idaho Comic Book
168 Dell-Indian Chief Comic Book
169 Dell-Jules Verne’s Mysterious Isle Comic Book
170 Dell-Jungle War Stories Comic Books
171 Dell-Kona Comic Book
172 Dell-Krazy Kat Comic Book
173 Dell-Lawman Comic Books
174 Dell-Lone Ranger Comic Books
175 Dell-Lone Rangers Companion Tonto Comic Book
176 Dell-M-G-M’s Lassie Comic Book
177 Dell-Mackenzie’s Raiders Comic Book
178 Dell-Marge’s Little Lulu Comic Book
179 Dell-Marge’s Tubby Comic Book
180 Dell-Maverick Comic Books
181 Dell-Mighty Mouse Comic Book
182 Dell-Monkees Comic Books
183 Dell-Monroes Comic Book
184 Dell-Naza Comic Books
185 Dell-North To Alaska Comic Book
186 Dell-Nukla Comic Books
187 Dell-Our Gang Comic Book
188 Dell-Phantom Planet Comic Book
189 Dell-Queen Of The West Dale Evans Comic Book
190 Dell-Rat Patrol Comic Book
191 Dell-Real McCoys Comic Book
192 Dell-Red Ryder Ranch Comics Comic Book
193 Dell-Rifleman Comic Books
194 Dell-Roy Rogers Comics Comic Books
195 Dell-Roy Rogers And Trigger Comic Books
196 Dell-Roy Rogers Trigger Comic Book
197 Dell-Sea Hunt Comic Books
198 Dell-Soloman And Sheba Comic Book
199 Dell-Steve Donovan Western Marshall Comic Book
200 Dell-Stoney Burke Comic Book
201 Dell-Sugar Foot Comic Books
202 Dell-The Cat Comic Books
203 Dell-Tarzan Comic Books
204 Dell-Tom And Jerry Comic Book
205 Dell-Troubleshooters Comic Book
206 Dell-Tales Of The Green Beret Comic Book
207 Dell-Tales of Wells Fargo Comic Book
208 Dell-Thirteen Comic Book
209 Dell-Toka Comic Book
210 Dell-Untouchables Comic Books
211 Dell-Voyage To The Deep Comic Book
212 Dell-Walt Disneys Comics And Stories Comic Books
213 Dell-Walt Disneys Mixed Lot Comic Books
214 Dell-Western Roundup Comic Book
215 Dell-Wolfman Comic Book
216 Dell-Wyatt Earp Comic Books
217 Marvel-Amazing Adventures Comic Books
218 Marvel-Amazing Spiderman Comic Books
219 Marvel-Astonishing Tales Comic Books
220 Marvel-Avengers Comic Books
221 Marvel-Beware Comic Books
222 Marvel-Brand Echh Comic Book
223 Marvel-Captain America Comic Books
224 Marvel-Captain Savage Comic Book
225 Marvel-Chamber Of Chills Comic Books
226 Marvel-Chamber Of Darkness Comic Book
227 Marvel-Champions Comic Books
228 Marvel-Conan The Barbarian  Comic Books
229 Marvel-Creatures On The Loose Comic Books
230 Marvel-Crypt Of Shadows Comic Books
231 Marvel-Daredevil Comic Books
232 Marvel-Dead Of Night Comic Books
233 Marvel-Defenders Comic Books
234 Marvel-Dr. Strange Comic Books
235 Marvel-Fantastic Four Comic Books
236 Marvel-Fear Comic Books
237 Marvel-Frankenstein Comic Books
238 Marvel-Ghost Rider, The “1967” Comic Book
239 Marvel-Ghost Rider, The  Comic Books
240 Marvel-Giant Size Lot Comic Books
241 Marvel-Hero For Hire Comic Books
242 Marvel-Incredible Hulk Comic Books
243 Marvel-Ironman Comic Books
244 Marvel-Journey Into Mystery “1963” Comic Book
245 Marvel-Journey Into Mystery  Comic Books
246 Marvel-Jungle Action Comic Books
247 Marvel-Kid Colt Outlaw Comic Books
248 Marvel-Lil Kids Comic Book
249 Marvel-Ms. Marvel Comic Books
250 Marvel-Man Thing Comic Books
251 Marvel-Marvel Collectors Item Classics Comic Books
252 Marvel-Marvels Greatest Comics Comic Books
253 Marvel-Marvel Premiere Comic Books
254 Marvel-Marvel Spectacular Comic Books
255 Marvel-Marvel Spotlight Comic Books
256 Marvel-Marvel Super Heroes Comic Books
257 Marvel-Marvel Tales Comic Books
258 Marvel-Marvel Team-Up Comic Books
259 Marvel-Marvel Triple Action Comic Books
260 Marvel-Marvel Two-In-One Comic Books
261 Marvel-Marvel Mighty Western Comic Books
262 Marvel-Millie The Model Comic Books
263 Marvel-Outlaw Kid Comic Books
264 Marvel-Patsy Walker Comic Book
265 Marvel-Patsy And Hedy Comic Book
266 Marvel-Power-Man Comic Books
267 Marvel-Rawhide Kid Comic Books
268 Marvel-Ringo Kid Comic Books
269 Marvel-Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos Annual/Special Comic Books
270 Marvel-Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos Comic Books
271 Marvel-Silver Surfer Comic Books
272 Marvel-Special Marvel Edition Comic Books
273 Marvel-Strange Tales Comic Books
274 Marvel-Sub Mariner Comic Books
275 Marvel-Tales Of Justice Comic Book
276 Marvel-Tales Of Suspense Comic Books
277 Marvel-Tales To Astonish Comic Books
278 Marvel-Tex Morgan Comic Book
279 Marvel-Thor Comic Books
280 Marvel-The Tomb Of Dracula Comic Books
281 Marvel-Tower Of Shadows Comic Books
282 Marvel-Two-Gun Kid Comic Books
283 Marvel-Uncanny Tales Comic Books
284 Marvel-Vault Of Evil Comic Books
285 Marvel-Was Is Hell Comic Books
286 Marvel-Weird Wonder Tales Comic Books
287 Marvel-Werewolf By Night Comic Books
288 Marvel-Western Gun Fighters Comic Books
289 Marvel-Western Outlaws And Sheriffs Comic Book
290 Marvel-Where Monsters Dwell Comic Books
291 Marvel-Worlds Unknown Comic Books
292 Marvel-X-Men Comic Books
293 Marvel-Mixed Marvel Lot Comic Books
294 Archie-Adventures Of The Fly Comic Book
295 Archie-Archie Comic Books
296 Archie-Archies Joke Book Comic Books
297 Archie-Archies Girls Betty And Veronica Comic Books
298 Archie-Archie Giant Series Comic Books
299 Archie-Josie Comic Book
300 Archie-Jughead Comic Books
301 Archie-Katy Keene Comic Book
302 Archie-Laugh Comic Books
303 Archie-Life With Archie Comic Books
304 Archie-PEP Comic Books
305 Archie-Mad House Comic Book
306 Archie-That Wilkin Boy Comic Books
307 Archie-Archie Mixed Lot Comic Books
308 Gold Key-Atom Ant Comic Book
309 Gold Key-Beep Beep, The Road Runner Comic Book
310 Gold Key-Bonanza Comic Books
311 Gold Key-Boris Karloff Tales Of Mystery Comic Books
312 Gold Key-Bullwhip Griffin Comic Book
313 Gold Key-Captain Nice Comic Book
314 Gold Key-Captain Venture And The Land Beneath The Sea Comic Book
315 Gold Key-Cowboy In Africa Comic Book
316 Gold Key-Dark Shadows Comic Books
317 Gold Key-Doctor Solar Comic Book
318 Gold Key-Donald Duck Comic Books
319 Gold Key-Family Affair Comic Book
320 Gold Key-Fantastic Voyage Comic Book
321 Gold Key-First Men In The Moon Comic Book
322 Gold Key-Flintstones Comic Books
323 Gold Key-Fury Comic Book
324 Gold Key-George Of The Jungle Comic Book
325 Gold Key-Girl From U.N.C.L.E Comic Book
326 Gold Key-Govenor And J.J. Comic Book
327 Gold Key-Hanna – Barbera Super TV Heroes Comic Books
328 Gold Key-Hardy Boys Comic Book
329 Gold Key-How The West Was Won Comic Book
330 Gold Key-I Spy Comic Books
331 Gold Key-Korak, Son Of Tarzan Comic Books
332 Gold Key-Lancer Comic Book
333 Gold Key-Lassie Comic Books
334 Gold Key-Legend Of Dick Turpin Comic Book
335 Gold Key-Little Stooges Comic Book
336 Gold Key-Magilla Gorilla Comic Book
337 Gold Key-Man From U.N.C.L.E Comic Books
338 Gold Key-Marge’s Little Lulu Comic Books
339 Gold Key-Love Bug Comic Book
340 Gold Key-Mighty Samson Comic Books
341 Gold Key-Munsters Comic Book
342 Gold Key-My Favorite Martian Comic Book
343 Gold Key-Nurses Comic Book
344 Gold Key-Phantom Comic Books
345 Gold Key-Porky Pig Comic Books
346 Gold Key-Rawhide Comic Book
347 Gold Key-Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Comic Books
348 Gold Key-Scarecrow of Romney Marsh Comic Book
349 Gold Key-Scooby Doo Comic Book
350 Gold Key-Secret Agent Comic Books
351 Gold Key-Space Family Robinson Comic Books
352 Gold Key-Star Trek Comic Books
353 Gold Key-Supercar Comic Book
354 Gold Key-Tarzan Of The Apes Comic Books
355 Gold Key-That Darn Cat Comic Book
356 Gold Key-Turok, Son Of Stone Comic Books
357 Gold Key-Total War Comic Books Comic Book
358 Gold Key-Twilight Zone Comic Books
359 Gold Key-Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Comic Books
360 Gold Key-Walter Lanz Space Mouse Comic Book
361 Gold Key-Gold Key Mixed Lot Comic Books
362 Cities Service Oil-Eager Beaver Comic Book
363 Parents Magazine Institute-Calling All Boys Comic Book
364 Lev Gleason Pub.-Boy Comics Comic Book
365 American Security Council-Design For Survival Comic Book
366 King-Mandrake The Magician Comic Book
367 Ziff Davis-Wild Boy Comic Book
368 Standard-Sniffy The Pup Comic Book
369 I.W. Enterprises-Super Brat Comic Book
370 Magazine Enterprises-Straight Arrow Comic Book
371 Stokes Walesby Co-Navy Comic Book
372 Tower-Thunder Agents Comic Book
373 Avon Periodicals-Peter Rabbit Comic Book
374 Warren Pub.-The Flintstones At The New York Worlds Fair Comic Book
375 Gilberton Pub.-Classics Illustrated Comic Books
376 Fawcett-Hopalong Cassidy Comic Book Comic Book
377 Fawcett-Rocky Lane Western Comic Book
378 Fawcett-George Pal’s Puppetoons Comic Book
379 Fawcett-Bill Boyd Western Comic Book
380 Fawcett-Dennis The Menace Lot Comic Books
381 A.C.G.-Cookie Comic Book
382 A.C.G.-Adventures Into The Unknown Comic Book
383 A.C.G.-Unknown Worlds Comic Books

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